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Ukraine imposes new passport requirements for Russians

2015-03-02 | Russian citizens will need international passports to enter Ukraine beginning March 1st.

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Pro-Kremlin militants face Army in Donbas

2015-03-02 | With its growing level of combat experience and help from local populations, Ukraine's Army is inflicting significant losses among separatist leaders.

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Ukraine strengthens National Security and Defence Council

2015-02-27 | Experts and politicians agree that the council's expanded authority will help deal with the conflict in the east.

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Ukraine calls for UN peacekeepers

2015-02-26 | As Kremlin-backed separatists continue military actions in Donbas, Kyiv looks for options to restore the peace in eastern Ukraine.

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IMF assistance helps Ukraine avoid default

2015-02-25 | A much-needed funding package is on its way, but Kyiv must enact "bold policy reforms."

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Ukraine to strengthen judicial reform, anti-corruption efforts

2015-02-24 | Ukrainian lawmakers are planning to adopt legislative changes that will lay the groundwork for a fierce fight against corruption.

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EU, US move to counter Russian propaganda

2015-02-24 | New strategies aim to help countries feeling the pressure of destabilising actions by Moscow.

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Separatists hide true intent of Donetsk mobilisation

2015-02-23 | Experts say a call for voluntary mobilisation in Donetsk is a smokescreen to allow more forces from Russia to enter Ukraine.

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Ukraine intensifies evacuations from combat zone

2015-02-23 | Thousands were forced to leave their homes in eastern Ukraine as pro-Kremlin separatists ramped up attacks on populated areas.

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Separatists threaten peace far from front lines

2015-02-20 | Ukrainian authorities say Russian weapons are allowing pro-Kremlin terrorists to attack cities 100 kilometres from the front lines.

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Ukraine plans to increase tank production

2015-02-19 | A proper supply of tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery is crucial in achieving success in military conflicts like the one in Donbas, experts say.

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Experts pessimistic about new Minsk agreement

2015-02-18 | The truce provided by the new ceasefire agreement is likely to be short-lived because core issues of the Donbas conflict remain unresolved, experts say.

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Ukraine launches new eastern boundary regime

2015-02-18 | Ukraine's government is strengthening efforts to improve security in the regions bordering the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone.

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US boosts financial support for Ukraine

2015-02-17 | The US announced an additional $1 billion loan to Ukraine if reforms stay on track, and is promoting an IMF bailout package for Kyiv.

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Ukraine to improve defence technologies

2015-02-16 | Western-made rapidly deployable barrier systems could reduce losses for Ukrainian armed forces, officials and military experts say.

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Ukraine providing bonus payments for soldiers

2015-02-13 | Authorities in Ukraine seek to boost mobilisation efforts and counter Russian propaganda by providing additional compensation for soldiers.

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Ukrainians say 'no' to Russian goods

2015-02-12 | Experts say the number of Ukrainian consumers buying goods imported from Russia has "noticeably" decreased for the past few months.

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Russian propaganda targets militants in Donbas

2015-02-11 | The Kremlin has created a new conspiracy theory to conceal its aggression in Ukraine, political analysts say.

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Experience impacts Ukraine's military, police

2015-02-11 | Participants in the anti-terrorist operation area will help lead improvements in the Defence and Interior Ministries, experts say.

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Ukraine seeks justice in international courts

2015-02-10 | International justice could help Ukraine to protect the rights of its citizens and obtain compensation for Russia's illegal actions in Crimea and Donbas, off...

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Ukraine strengthens measures to prevent terrorism

2015-02-09 | Terrorists from Donbas and subversive groups from Russia pose a threat to the whole country, experts said.

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Ukraine declares Russia an aggressor state

2015-02-06 | The nation's new parliament designated Russia as an aggressor state, but it is uncertain whether the international community will follow Ukraine's lead.

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Ukrainian soldiers to improve communication with Donbas residents

2015-02-05 | Ukraine is intensifying the activity of civil-military co-operation groups in Donbas, providing better assistance for the local population.

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Ukrainian pilot remains in Russian custody

2015-02-04 | Held since June, Nadiya Savchenko is staging a hunger strike in a Moscow prison.

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Ukraine providing boost to small businesses

2015-02-04 | A series of tax reforms will provide incentives for small- and medium-sized enterprises to invest, hire and grow.

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Ukraine actively implementing decentralisation reform

2015-02-03 | Regions will be able to obtain about 45 billion hryvnia in additional funds for their budgets, Finance Minister Natalia Jaresko said.

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Ukraine to create uncorrupted, high-quality traffic police system

2015-02-02 | Post-Soviet road inspectors will be replaced by newly trained traffic police officers selected by a special commission of experts and psychologists.

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Ukraine plans modernisation of thermal power stations

2015-01-30 | Upgrades to the nation's 14 thermal power plants will help move the nation toward greater energy independence.

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US increases support for Ukrainian armed forces

2015-01-29 | US technical assistance and training programmes will help to increase Ukrainian military units' combat capability, experts and officials say.

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Chaos, fear in self-proclaimed republics

2015-01-28 | Pro-Kremlin militants are not providing normal living conditions or ensuring the safety of civilians in Ukraine's self-proclaimed breakaway republics.

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Crimea suffers economic crisis under Russian rule

2015-01-28 | After 10 months of occupation, Crimea's population suffers from poverty and unfavorable new regulations, preventing the "dream life" promised by Russia.

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Artists' murals capture eventful year in Ukraine

2015-01-27 | Colourful murals in Kyiv and other cities give artists a creative outlet after a dramatic year in Ukraine.

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Kremlin escalates conflict in Donbas

2015-01-26 | New hostilities in Donbas accompanied by increasing numbers of Russian troops in the region show the Kremlin is not interested in a peaceful settlement of th...

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Ukraine steps up naval training

2015-01-23 | Military experts said a joint training exercise with the US was an important first step in Ukraine's effort to reorganise its navy.

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Ukraine seeks international assistance to recover stolen money

2015-01-22 | Ukraine needs international support to secure the return of money stolen by former President Victor Yanukovych, experts said.

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Pro-Russian separatists continue attacking civilians in Donbas

2015-01-21 | Intensified terrorist attacks on Donbas cities, towns and roads are harming the population and violate the ceasefire agreement, human rights activists warn.

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Ukraine to carry out new military draft

2015-01-21 | New call-ups are much needed to strengthen the army and prepare it for potential escalation of hostilities in Donbas, officials say.

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Fresh loans might be lifeline for Ukraine's war-hit economy

2015-01-20 | Leaders in Kyiv are actively seeking assistance from the IMF and other foreign lenders.

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New passports symbol of European life

2015-01-19 | Ukrainians are receiving biometric passports and believe that this "historic event" will lead to a visa-free regime with the EU.

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Ukraine sets recovery strategy for Donbas

2015-01-16 | The restoration of Donbas is a challenge to be solved with international financial assistance, officials and experts say.

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New equipment boosts Ukrainian army

2015-01-15 | Experts say efforts to produce new and refurbished military hardware are improving the army's capabilities.

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Ukraine embraces NATO standards in medical tactics

2015-01-14 | NGOs and NATO partners help to train Ukrainian military personnel to provide first aid on the battlefield.

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Despite ongoing attacks, volunteers work in ATO area

2015-01-14 | While the Kremlin-backed separatists are attacking volunteer offices, activists continue supporting the Ukrainian Army saying "volunteers are difficult to in...

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Ukraine increases defence spending

2015-01-13 | Officials and experts say a significant increase in defence spending is required to deal with the ongoing threat posed by Russia.

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Ukraine remains part of NATO force in Afghanistan

2015-01-12 | Ukrainian service members continue to co-operate with the Alliance and its partner nations.

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Ukraine increases eastern border security

2015-01-09 | International aid and new reforms will help Ukraine strengthen control of its border with Russia, officials and political analysts say.

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Ukraine seeks to increase military production capacity

2015-01-08 | Kyiv is planning to launch production of its own military components and develop co-operation with Western companies to achieve NATO standards.

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Kazakhstan mediator in Ukraine-Russia conflict

2015-01-06 | Kyiv continues diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine peacefully.

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Ukraine joins effort to rehabilitate wounded combatants

2015-01-05 | The international community and civil society groups are helping Ukrainian authorities treat wounded and disabled soldiers who fought against Kremlin-backed ...

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Security Service aims to halt Russian infiltration

2015-01-02 | The Security Service of Ukraine is actively working to prevent terrorist attacks by removing agents with ties to Russian security structures.

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West strengthens sanctions on Crimea

2014-12-31 | The US, EU and Canada have raised the economic price for Russia's annexation of Crimea by trying to turn the peninsula into an investment pariah.

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Ending non-aligned NATO status opens opportunities for Ukraine

2014-12-30 | The Ukrainian parliament's decision reflects the changes in public opinion and the desire to be protected from military aggression, political analysts said.

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Experts: Russia's nuclear threat is an attempt at destabilisation

2014-12-29 | The militarisation of Crimea doesn't contribute to a peaceful settlement of the conflict, experts warn.

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Ukraine receives boost of support from US

2014-12-26 | Experts say the US has crystallised its support for Ukraine with President Obama's signing of the Ukraine Freedom Support Act.

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Ukraine prepares for major gas sector reforms

2014-12-24 | Kyiv wants to attract western investors to modernise its gas infrastructure and hopes a new law will be a game-changer.

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Ukraine to launch its first public broadcaster

2014-12-23 | Creation of public broadcasting is one of the main tasks for Ukraine on the way toward the European integration, analysts say.

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Ukraine seeks external funding to stabilise economy

2014-12-22 | Kyiv plans to continue co-operation with the IMF and is looking for additional packages.

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Situation in Donbas remains tense

2014-12-19 | Militias in Donbas continue to receive advanced weapons and assistance from Russian forces.

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NATO begins to train Ukrainian NCO corps

2014-12-19 | A co-operative training programme will boost the number of highly qualified sergeants in the Ukrainian Army.

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Ukraine creates new institutions to fight corruption

2014-12-18 | The government's newly established Office of the Business Ombudsman is a step forward in the fight against corruption, experts and officials say.

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Efforts toward Donbas ceasefire continue

2014-12-17 | International leaders have joined Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in calling for Kremlin-backed separatists to adhere to the September 5th ceasefire agr...

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Ukraine starts information campaign to promote truth

2014-12-17 | The newly established ministry of information is working on a new strategy to start broadcast outlets for people living in the occupied territories.

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Action plan defines schedule for reforms

2014-12-16 | Parliament has adopted an action plan to address economic policies and state governance, and experts are encouraging the government to ensure that the plan i...

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Ukraine, Canada establish military co-operation

2014-12-15 | Authorities in Kyiv said Canadian specialists will help launch police reform in Ukraine's armed forces.

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Ukraine encourages speedy process for EU agreement

2014-12-12 | Authorities in Kyiv express optimism that all 28 EU member states will ratify Ukraine's association agreement next year.

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Ukraine embraces energy efficiency

2014-12-11 | The government has adopted plans for implementing European energy directives that promise to improve the nation's energy efficiency.

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Experts hail Ukrainian army's recent progress in Donbas

2014-12-11 | Russian-backed subversive groups are experiencing daily losses in eastern Ukraine, according to reports intercepted by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Arm...

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Ukraine considers withdrawal from CIS

2014-12-10 | Members of the parliament introduced a draft resolution that would end Ukraine's participation in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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NATO to expand assistance for Ukraine

2014-12-09 | NATO is planning to increase the number of its advisors in Ukraine as Alliance trust funds start operating in the country.

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Ukraine invites foreign professionals to run state agencies

2014-12-08 | Ukraine's government is ready to launch reforms with foreign professionals heading important ministries.

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EU funds propel Ukraine's decentralisation efforts

2014-12-05 | Top officials and expert observers agree that decentralisation is crucial to the development of governance and economic stability in Ukraine.

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Ukraine makes progress against corrupt officials

2014-12-04 | Activists are urging authorities to sharpen their reform efforts in order to halt corrupt activity in state agencies.

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Ukraine receives military assistance from West

2014-12-03 | New equipment and training provided by the United States and EU member states will help Ukraine monitor terrorist activity and strengthen security in the cou...

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Ukraine recruits volunteers to reform agencies

2014-12-03 | Professionals from volunteer organisations have begun working with government officials at Ukraine's ministries to make governance more transparent and effic...

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Civil activists help strengthen Ukraine's security

2014-12-02 | The state is engaging with civilian bloggers and IT experts to boost lustration efforts and conduct cyber-warfare against separatist groups.

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Ukraine seeks justice in deaths of Maidan protestors

2014-12-01 | While investigators are making progress, experts say prosecuting those responsible for shooting Maidan demonstrators will be highly complicated.

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Ukraine reflects, looks to future on anniversary of Euromaidan

2014-11-28 | Last November's Euromaidan protests marked the beginning of a year of tumultuous change in Ukraine.

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Ukraine seeking renewed co-operation with Visegrad Group

2014-11-27 | Despite different views on Russia among the four nations, Ukraine is aiming to enhance relations with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

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Ukraine starts unilateral demarcation of Russian border

2014-11-26 | Authorities in Kyiv say the demarcation of the Ukraine-Russia border is one of the most important steps to strengthen security in the country and the region.

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Ukraine, Turkey work to deepen strategic bonds

2014-11-25 | Regional experts say there is ample opportunity for security collaboration between the two Black Sea neighbours.

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Proposed Ukraine civil service law targets nepotism

2014-11-24 | The Ukrainian parliament is planning to pass a new civil service law that will change the recruiting system for government employees.

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Russian troops pouring into Ukraine, NATO officials say

2014-11-21 | Convoys of Russian trucks carrying military hardware are jeopardising the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

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Europe assists Ukraine with implementation of land reforms

2014-11-21 | Officials and experts say greater transparency in land policies will create an atmosphere that could attract new investors to Ukraine.

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Ukraine cuts funding to inefficient state projects

2014-11-20 | Ukraine's state agencies plan to save hundreds of millions of hryvnias by eliminating unnecessary projects financed by public funds, authorities said.

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Ukraine takes first steps to reorganise the police

2014-11-19 | A pilot project in the city of Khmelnytskiy will eliminate the traffic police and rely on the district officers and patrol officers to perform the primary se...

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Ukraine to abolish parliamentary immunity

2014-11-18 | Experts and civil activists expect that newly elected lawmakers will vote for elimination of parliamentary immunity.

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Ukraine preparing for gas pipe modernisation

2014-11-18 | Improvements in gas infrastructure and auditing capabilities will be beneficial for the country and provide a boost toward energy independence.

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Ukraine expects to establish visa-free regime with EU next year

2014-11-17 | Kyiv improves technical support for the state migration bureau to start issuing biometric passports, which is a requirement for visa-free travel to the EU.

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Ukraine joins EU-funded educational programmes

2014-11-14 | Thousands of students and teachers will receive training abroad through EU efforts.

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Ukraine gas issue resolved, but uncertainty lingers

2014-11-13 | Gas supplies from Russia will resume, but future prices remain uncertain.

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Ukraine working to improve investment climate

2014-11-13 | As the country moves to adopt transparent rules for business, international financial institutions are providing support in the hope that investors will follow.

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Ukraine evacuates universities from occupied territories

2014-11-12 | Professors are forced to stop teaching and leave occupied territories in eastern Ukraine.

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Soldiers' psychological rehabilitation a challenge for Ukraine

2014-11-11 | Military experts and psychologists advise authorities to pay more attention to treating soldiers' psychological needs.

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Ukraine begins eastern recovery, reconstruction

2014-11-11 | Ukrainian authorities estimate about $1 billion of damages in the wake of conflicts with separatists.

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Ukraine builds its first township for refugees

2014-11-10 | Ukraine's government provides housing for thousands of Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave their homes in eastern regions. [AFP]

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Ukraine strengthens cyber defence co-operation with Europe

2014-11-07 | A new master's degree programme will connect Ukrainian students with European universities and cyber security experts.

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Ukraine's EU integration gains momentum

2014-11-06 | A key step has been taken to boost co-operation between the European Parliament and Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada, analysts say.

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Terrorist groups quarrel among themselves in Donbas

2014-11-06 | Civil activists, volunteers and Donbas citizens say terrorist groups in the east continually challenge one another for territory in an effort to acquire cash...

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Ukrainian defence industry recovers

2014-11-05 | Increased orders from the Ukrainian armed forces end a period of stagnation for the state's military production industry.

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Coalition to unite democratic forces in new Ukraine parliament

2014-11-04 | The new coalition in Ukraine's freshly elected Verkhovna Rada should focus on reforms, officials and experts say.