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Efforts toward Donbas ceasefire continue

2014-12-17 | International leaders have joined Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in calling for Kremlin-backed separatists to adhere to the September 5th ceasefire agr...

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Ukraine starts information campaign to promote truth

2014-12-17 | The newly established ministry of information is working on a new strategy to start broadcast outlets for people living in the occupied territories.

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Action plan defines schedule for reforms

2014-12-16 | Parliament has adopted an action plan to address economic policies and state governance, and experts are encouraging the government to ensure that the plan i...

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Ukraine, Canada establish military co-operation

2014-12-15 | Authorities in Kyiv said Canadian specialists will help launch police reform in Ukraine's armed forces.

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Ukraine encourages speedy process for EU agreement

2014-12-12 | Authorities in Kyiv express optimism that all 28 EU member states will ratify Ukraine's association agreement next year.

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Ukraine embraces energy efficiency

2014-12-11 | The government has adopted plans for implementing European energy directives that promise to improve the nation's energy efficiency.

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Experts hail Ukrainian army's recent progress in Donbas

2014-12-11 | Russian-backed subversive groups are experiencing daily losses in eastern Ukraine, according to reports intercepted by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Arm...

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Ukraine considers withdrawal from CIS

2014-12-10 | Members of the parliament introduced a draft resolution that would end Ukraine's participation in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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NATO to expand assistance for Ukraine

2014-12-09 | NATO is planning to increase the number of its advisors in Ukraine as Alliance trust funds start operating in the country.

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Ukraine invites foreign professionals to run state agencies

2014-12-08 | Ukraine's government is ready to launch reforms with foreign professionals heading important ministries.

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EU funds propel Ukraine's decentralisation efforts

2014-12-05 | Top officials and expert observers agree that decentralisation is crucial to the development of governance and economic stability in Ukraine.

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Ukraine makes progress against corrupt officials

2014-12-04 | Activists are urging authorities to sharpen their reform efforts in order to halt corrupt activity in state agencies.

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Ukraine receives military assistance from West

2014-12-03 | New equipment and training provided by the United States and EU member states will help Ukraine monitor terrorist activity and strengthen security in the cou...

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Ukraine recruits volunteers to reform agencies

2014-12-03 | Professionals from volunteer organisations have begun working with government officials at Ukraine's ministries to make governance more transparent and effic...

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Civil activists help strengthen Ukraine's security

2014-12-02 | The state is engaging with civilian bloggers and IT experts to boost lustration efforts and conduct cyber-warfare against separatist groups.

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Ukraine seeks justice in deaths of Maidan protestors

2014-12-01 | While investigators are making progress, experts say prosecuting those responsible for shooting Maidan demonstrators will be highly complicated.

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Ukraine reflects, looks to future on anniversary of Euromaidan

2014-11-28 | Last November's Euromaidan protests marked the beginning of a year of tumultuous change in Ukraine.

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Ukraine seeking renewed co-operation with Visegrad Group

2014-11-27 | Despite different views on Russia among the four nations, Ukraine is aiming to enhance relations with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

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Ukraine starts unilateral demarcation of Russian border

2014-11-26 | Authorities in Kyiv say the demarcation of the Ukraine-Russia border is one of the most important steps to strengthen security in the country and the region.

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Ukraine, Turkey work to deepen strategic bonds

2014-11-25 | Regional experts say there is ample opportunity for security collaboration between the two Black Sea neighbours.

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Proposed Ukraine civil service law targets nepotism

2014-11-24 | The Ukrainian parliament is planning to pass a new civil service law that will change the recruiting system for government employees.

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Russian troops pouring into Ukraine, NATO officials say

2014-11-21 | Convoys of Russian trucks carrying military hardware are jeopardising the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

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Europe assists Ukraine with implementation of land reforms

2014-11-21 | Officials and experts say greater transparency in land policies will create an atmosphere that could attract new investors to Ukraine.

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Ukraine cuts funding to inefficient state projects

2014-11-20 | Ukraine's state agencies plan to save hundreds of millions of hryvnias by eliminating unnecessary projects financed by public funds, authorities said.

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Ukraine takes first steps to reorganise the police

2014-11-19 | A pilot project in the city of Khmelnytskiy will eliminate the traffic police and rely on the district officers and patrol officers to perform the primary se...

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Ukraine to abolish parliamentary immunity

2014-11-18 | Experts and civil activists expect that newly elected lawmakers will vote for elimination of parliamentary immunity.

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Ukraine preparing for gas pipe modernisation

2014-11-18 | Improvements in gas infrastructure and auditing capabilities will be beneficial for the country and provide a boost toward energy independence.

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Ukraine expects to establish visa-free regime with EU next year

2014-11-17 | Kyiv improves technical support for the state migration bureau to start issuing biometric passports, which is a requirement for visa-free travel to the EU.

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Ukraine joins EU-funded educational programmes

2014-11-14 | Thousands of students and teachers will receive training abroad through EU efforts.

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Ukraine gas issue resolved, but uncertainty lingers

2014-11-13 | Gas supplies from Russia will resume, but future prices remain uncertain.

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Ukraine working to improve investment climate

2014-11-13 | As the country moves to adopt transparent rules for business, international financial institutions are providing support in the hope that investors will follow.

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Ukraine evacuates universities from occupied territories

2014-11-12 | Professors are forced to stop teaching and leave occupied territories in eastern Ukraine.

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Soldiers' psychological rehabilitation a challenge for Ukraine

2014-11-11 | Military experts and psychologists advise authorities to pay more attention to treating soldiers' psychological needs.

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Ukraine begins eastern recovery, reconstruction

2014-11-11 | Ukrainian authorities estimate about $1 billion of damages in the wake of conflicts with separatists.

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Ukraine builds its first township for refugees

2014-11-10 | Ukraine's government provides housing for thousands of Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave their homes in eastern regions. [AFP]

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Ukraine strengthens cyber defence co-operation with Europe

2014-11-07 | A new master's degree programme will connect Ukrainian students with European universities and cyber security experts.

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Ukraine's EU integration gains momentum

2014-11-06 | A key step has been taken to boost co-operation between the European Parliament and Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada, analysts say.

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Terrorist groups quarrel among themselves in Donbas

2014-11-06 | Civil activists, volunteers and Donbas citizens say terrorist groups in the east continually challenge one another for territory in an effort to acquire cash...

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Ukrainian defence industry recovers

2014-11-05 | Increased orders from the Ukrainian armed forces end a period of stagnation for the state's military production industry.

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Coalition to unite democratic forces in new Ukraine parliament

2014-11-04 | The new coalition in Ukraine's freshly elected Verkhovna Rada should focus on reforms, officials and experts say.

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Drones help monitor conflict areas in eastern Ukraine

2014-11-04 | OSCE aims to achieve more efficient monitoring of rebel groups by using drones.

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Experts: Civil activists in parliament will change Ukraine

2014-11-03 | Dozens of civil activists became members of Ukraine's newly elected Verkhovna Rada and will be directly engaged in decision-making processes in the country.

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Ukraine moves toward energy independence

2014-10-31 | As Ukraine pursues strategies and laws that will lead to energy independence, it is becoming more difficult for Russia to dictate the terms of gas supplies, ...

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Ukraine, EU care for refugees

2014-10-30 | A new Ukrainian law will assist citizens displaced by pro-Kremlin militants in the east, as the EU prepares to increase financial support for refugees.

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Ukraine chooses EU

2014-10-29 | For the first time in many years, Ukraine has a clear foreign policy direction that is taking it toward the West and away from Russia.

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Steadfast Javelin shows NATO's readiness

2014-10-29 | NATO exercise Steadfast Javelin II showed that the safety of member states will not be compromised, experts said.

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Elections bring Ukraine closer to Europe

2014-10-28 | Ukrainians voted for a pro-European course, exit polls suggest.

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Police say separatists transfer stolen property, natural resources to Russia

2014-10-27 | Pro-Russian separatists are dismantling and stealing equipment from Donbas industrial plants and illegally transporting coal from Ukraine to Russia, Luhansk ...

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Ukraine to adopt a new defence strategy

2014-10-24 | Ukraine's Defence Ministry and General Staff begin working on a defence plan initiated by President Petro Poroshenko to cover the new threats faced by the na...

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Rebel-controlled regions suffer from food shortage

2014-10-23 | People in the occupied territories are in need of food and medicine, a poll shows.

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Illegal elections are separatists' next move

2014-10-23 | Observers say Russian influence is motivating separatists' plans to hold elections that would violate the Minsk Protocol.

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Anti-corruption reform to move Ukraine closer to European standards

2014-10-22 | Authorities in Kyiv said the new anti-corruption strategy will allow Ukraine to counter corruption and fulfil the EU's requirements.

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Ukraine finds evidence of modern Russian weapons in Donbas

2014-10-21 | Experts say Russia is using the conflict in eastern Ukraine as an opportunity to test and deploy new weapons systems.

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Ukraine planning to strengthen border with Russia

2014-10-21 | Officials say "the wall" project will provide security and will one day define the eastern border of the EU.

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Lustration law paves way for change in Ukraine

2014-10-20 | President Petro Poroshenko signed a law that sets the stage for removing public officials who were connected to the Yanukovych regime.

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Experts predict high turnout in upcoming elections

2014-10-17 | Ukrainian authorities and civil activists are joining efforts to hold transparent and fair parliamentary elections on October 26th.

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Experts say 'inglorious end' awaits separatist leaders

2014-10-17 | Militia leaders in eastern Ukraine conduct themselves as gangsters and solve problems with guns.

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Donbas poll finds support for united Ukraine

2014-10-16 | September polling shows weak support for separation and that more people want to be citizens of a united Ukraine.

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Humanitarian support arrives in Ukraine from Germany

2014-10-15 | More than 100 trucks full of winter supplies and temporary housing are on their way to displaced citizens from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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Ukraine, NATO strengthen co-operation

2014-10-15 | Kyiv allows NATO advisers access to classified data in order to prepare a roadmap for interoperability of the armed forces.

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Donbas citizens say buffer zone will stop occupation by militants

2014-10-14 | Representatives from Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE are working to establish a buffer zone between Ukrainian forces and separatists.

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Human rights violations rampant in self-proclaimed Ukraine republics

2014-10-13 | International human rights organisations warn of major violations in the self-proclaimed territories in Ukraine.

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Volunteers help Ukraine Defence Ministry improve army logistics

2014-10-10 | Army authorities in Ukraine are trying to improve civil-military co-operation through a volunteer effort aimed at helping the army manage logistics.

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Despite ceasefire, terrorists still working to disrupt elections

2014-10-09 | Observers say militias are trying to eject government forces from eastern Ukraine and prevent free voting in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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Ukraine launches new reform strategy

2014-10-08 | Reorganising the judiciary and fighting corruption are the main reforms needed in Ukraine, President Poroshenko said.

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Novorossia movement 'a myth,' experts say

2014-10-07 | An effort by separatists to unify the pro-Kremlin republics in Ukraine has failed and its leaders have been discredited, experts said.

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Ukraine joins new European combat unit

2014-10-06 | Establishment of the Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine trilateral military brigade will increase regional security and link Ukraine to the EU military structure.

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Ukrainians believe elections are chance to 'restart' government

2014-10-03 | Upcoming elections will change the future of Ukraine, voters and political analysts say.

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Plenkovic: EU 'to promote peaceful solution for Ukraine'

2014-10-02 | EU experts will help Ukraine launch democratic reforms for the peaceful reintegration of its territory, according to the European Parliament's Delegation for...

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Crimean authorities act against supporters of united Ukraine

2014-10-01 | Crimean authorities and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) are raiding houses of Crimean Tatars and other supporters of the Kyiv go...

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Romania assists Ukraine with cyber defence

2014-10-01 | The NATO member state provides technical assistance and training to Ukrainian intelligence agencies.

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DNR's former leaders continue to follow Kremlin's plans

2014-09-30 | The Kremlin was forced to replace the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) leaders, keeping them away from the Ukrainian forces, experts say.

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Ukraine citizens sharing their vision

2014-09-19 | Ukraine starts an online campaign giving citizens a chance to participate in the building of a strong, democratic state.

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Ukraine starts prisoner exchange process

2014-09-17 | Hundreds of Ukrainian citizens have been freed from separatists' custody since the beginning of negotiations over the prisoner exchange process earlier this ...

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Experts praise Poroshenko's management in Ukraine

2014-09-16 | After 100 days of his presidency Petro Poroshenko has the highest rating among politicians and enjoys support among most Ukrainians.

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Ukraine strengthening its cyber security

2014-09-15 | Western experts are assisting Ukraine to improve its cyber defence.

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Kyiv cautiously optimistic about peace initiatives

2014-09-12 | While Russian troops are leaving Ukraine's territory, the Kremlin-backed separatists continue provocations, violating a cease-fire agreement reached in Minsk...

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NATO backs peaceful solution to military conflict in eastern Ukraine

2014-09-10 | The Alliance member states will help Ukraine improve its security and defence system.

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Allies ready to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers

2014-09-09 | NATO and EU states will help Ukraine rehabilitate soldiers injured during the military operations in eastern Ukraine.

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Ukraine strengthens border security

2014-09-08 | With the support of its Western allies, Kyiv starts the Russian border demarcation process.

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Former Russian chief to form separatist law enforcement system

2014-09-05 | Experts say Donetsk and Luhansk self-recognised republics' leaders are appointed by Moscow and follow the Kremlin's directions.

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Kyiv finds ways to replace Russian gas

2014-09-04 | While looking for alternative natural resources, Ukraine launches a public awareness campaign to educate the population about how to save natural resources.

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Russia to face tougher sanctions over its apparent incursion in Ukraine

2014-09-02 | Kyiv and its allies accuse Russia of "direct and open aggression" in eastern Ukraine.

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Putin is not ready to compromise, experts say

2014-09-01 | Analysts say the only way to get Russia to negotiate is to hold the positions in Donbas.

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Groups denounce parade of Ukrainian prisoners in Donetsk

2014-08-29 | A parade of Ukrainian prisoners in Donetsk on August 24th violated the standards of international law, human rights defenders and officials said.

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Lustration accelerates as Poroshenko calls for parliament elections

2014-08-27 | President Petro Poroshenko said that re-election of parliament is the only way for the country's democratic development.

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Ukraine is getting ready for the new school year

2014-08-26 | Most Donbas schools will be able to start the new school year on September 1st.

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Experts say Minsk meeting brings 'risks and opportunities'

2014-08-25 | The inclusion of neighbouring officials as well as discussion of the ongoing conflict presents a diplomatic success for Kyiv, experts and officials say.

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Ukraine Independence Day has extra meaning this year

2014-08-22 | United Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day on August 24th and believes in a European future.

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Kyiv is optimistic about Poroshenko-Putin meeting

2014-08-21 | With the Ukrainian army's major breakthrough in Lugansk, Kyiv and Moscow announce that Presidents Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko will meet in Minsk.

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Kiev adopts law allowing sanctions against Russia

2014-08-19 | The measure targets those who support separatist elements.

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Government aid to Lugansk slowed by Kremlin-backed separatists

2014-08-18 | Thousands of families are forced to leave Lugansk, which is in a state of "total blockade" as rebels control the city.

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Russia's ongoing support for rebels alarms Ukrainian authorities

2014-08-15 | Russia continues to use its resources to destabilise situation in Ukraine, experts and officials warn.

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Kiev returning to normal as citizens dismantle Maidan barricades

2014-08-14 | Kiev's mayor says the removal of barricades will allow the city to "get back to a normal way of life."

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Ukrainians receive training on how to avoid conflict zones

2014-08-12 | Programs in Kiev aim to give urban residents basic skills in survival and first aid.

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Kiev lobbying for 'terrorist' designation for separatist leaders

2014-08-11 | The designation would be made for those who supported efforts to break Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk from Ukraine, officials said.

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Separatists slow Malaysia Flight 17 crash investigation

2014-08-08 | Crash site investigators say they can't continue their work because of fighting in the area and they are being prevented from examining victims' personal items.

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Residents flee Lugansk and Donetsk as fighting intensifies

2014-08-06 | The Defense Ministry says soldiers and border guards are being fired upon from within Russia.

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Pro-separatist mayor of Stakhanov arrested in Berdyansk

2014-08-05 | Ukrainian security service officers arrested the mayor on allegations that he has aided and abetted the separatists.

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Grenade attack against Lviv mayor signals expansion of conflict

2014-08-04 | Police are treating the June 26th incident as a terrorist attack that is connected to the Kremlin-supported conflict in the east.