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Groups denounce parade of Ukrainian prisoners in Donetsk

2014-08-29 | A parade of Ukrainian prisoners in Donetsk on August 24th violated the standards of international law, human rights defenders and officials said.

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Lustration accelerates as Poroshenko calls for parliament elections

2014-08-27 | President Petro Poroshenko said that re-election of parliament is the only way for the country's democratic development.

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Ukraine is getting ready for the new school year

2014-08-26 | Most Donbas schools will be able to start the new school year on September 1st.

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Experts say Minsk meeting brings 'risks and opportunities'

2014-08-25 | The inclusion of neighbouring officials as well as discussion of the ongoing conflict presents a diplomatic success for Kyiv, experts and officials say.

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Ukraine Independence Day has extra meaning this year

2014-08-22 | United Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day on August 24th and believes in a European future.

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Kyiv is optimistic about Poroshenko-Putin meeting

2014-08-21 | With the Ukrainian army's major breakthrough in Lugansk, Kyiv and Moscow announce that Presidents Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko will meet in Minsk.

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Kiev adopts law allowing sanctions against Russia

2014-08-19 | The measure targets those who support separatist elements.

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Government aid to Lugansk slowed by Kremlin-backed separatists

2014-08-18 | Thousands of families are forced to leave Lugansk, which is in a state of "total blockade" as rebels control the city.

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Russia's ongoing support for rebels alarms Ukrainian authorities

2014-08-15 | Russia continues to use its resources to destabilise situation in Ukraine, experts and officials warn.

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Kiev returning to normal as citizens dismantle Maidan barricades

2014-08-14 | Kiev's mayor says the removal of barricades will allow the city to "get back to a normal way of life."

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Ukrainians receive training on how to avoid conflict zones

2014-08-12 | Programs in Kiev aim to give urban residents basic skills in survival and first aid.

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Kiev lobbying for 'terrorist' designation for separatist leaders

2014-08-11 | The designation would be made for those who supported efforts to break Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk from Ukraine, officials said.

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Separatists slow Malaysia Flight 17 crash investigation

2014-08-08 | Crash site investigators say they can't continue their work because of fighting in the area and they are being prevented from examining victims' personal items.

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Residents flee Lugansk and Donetsk as fighting intensifies

2014-08-06 | The Defense Ministry says soldiers and border guards are being fired upon from within Russia.

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Pro-separatist mayor of Stakhanov arrested in Berdyansk

2014-08-05 | Ukrainian security service officers arrested the mayor on allegations that he has aided and abetted the separatists.

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Grenade attack against Lviv mayor signals expansion of conflict

2014-08-04 | Police are treating the June 26th incident as a terrorist attack that is connected to the Kremlin-supported conflict in the east.

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Joint drills enhance military co-operation and mutual confidence

2014-08-01 | Military exercises brought allies and partners together to deepen strategic co-operation.

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Strategic bombers reinforce allies' preparedness

2014-07-31 | The B2s and B52s have deterrence capacity that reassures allies, analysts say

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Ground-breaking pilot still being held in Russian prison

2014-07-31 | Nadiya Savchenko, the first Ukrainian to become a military pilot, is charged with murder for the deaths of two Russian journalists in June.

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New round of EU sanctions targets Russian industry

2014-07-30 | Only sanctions against entire industries will stop Russia's aggression in eastern Ukraine, political analysts told SETimes.

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Ukrainian soldiers support NATO mission in Afghanistan

2014-07-29 | Despite ongoing conflict in their own country, Ukrainian soldiers continue to contribute to world peace and security.

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Kiev to reinforce its army in eastern Ukraine

2014-07-28 | Kiev announces a 45-day mobilisation to strengthen Ukrainian army positions in the East.

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Ukraine warns about military attacks from Russian territory

2014-07-25 | Authorities in Kiev say there is evidence that Russia is directly involved in a military operation against Ukraine.

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Kremlin propaganda machine spins 'completely absurd' theories about doomed jet

2014-07-23 | By making up different scenarios about downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, separatists in eastern Ukraine try to hide the truth about the disaster, experts say.

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Malaysia jet crash site remains under separatists' control

2014-07-22 | Kremlin-backed rebels continue to block the investigation of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 attack, which killed all 298 people aboard last week.

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Poll finds growing support for NATO in Ukraine

2014-07-21 | Polls show that the number of citizens supporting Ukraine membership in NATO has tripled.

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Evidence suggests pro-Kremlin rebels responsible for jet disaster

2014-07-18 | The Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down Thursday in eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people.

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Ukraine to use Georgia's experience in justice reform

2014-07-16 | Ukraine's new leadership starts co-operation with regional and international experts to establish a modern system of governance.

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Wealthy Ukrainians fleeing from the east to avoid conflict

2014-07-15 | Separatists at roadblocks are demanding bribes from drivers and threatening the regional economy, an executive says.

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Army reform leads to military success in the east

2014-07-14 | Reforms in the army are credited for progress made in the government's anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine.

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Kremlin conducts informational warfare against Ukraine

2014-07-11 | Journalists and analysts say Russian news outlets are distorting information about the conflict in eastern Ukraine and swaying public opinion.

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Eastern Europe leaders express support for EU

2014-07-11 | While closely watching the conflict in Ukraine, officials say they are looking forward to solidifying relationships with the European Union.

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Berdyansk takes in refugees from eastern Ukraine

2014-07-10 | A group of Berdyansk friends decide to help those fleeing the conflict in the east.

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Economy of Crimea deteriorating under Kremlin control

2014-07-08 | Food prices and unemployment have increased in Crimea, which was illegally annexed by Russia nearly three months ago.

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OSCE monitors in eastern Ukraine ask for improved working conditions

2014-07-07 | Armed militants limit OSCE capability to monitor the situation in eastern Ukraine, officials of the organisation's Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine say.

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Analysts say Ukraine ending its cease-fire was necessary, logical

2014-07-04 | After a 10-day cease-fire, Ukraine resumes its anti-terrorist operation to "liberate our land."

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EU funds to help create new jobs in Donbas

2014-07-02 | EU member states agreed to create a special fund to support President Petro Poroshenko's plan to recover Donbas economy and create new jobs for its citizens.

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Ukraine starts police reform from Lviv

2014-07-01 | The European Council and OSCE will assist Ukraine to reform its police force.

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Turkey gives support for Ukraine's European future

2014-06-30 | Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Sergiy Korsunsky tells SES Türkiye that Ankara's support has been "continuous and adequate."

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B-2 and B-52 bombers joint exercises strengthen allies' interoperability

2014-06-27 | Rare mission to Europe provides allies with opportunity to integrate military tactics.

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Association agreement opens new opportunities for Ukraine

2014-06-27 | The association agreement with the EU is a turning point in the history of Ukraine and the only way to assure the country's better future, analysts, official...

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Many in Ukraine have high hopes for cease-fire

2014-06-25 | The temporary truce gives both sides the opportunity to settle their differences without further loss of life.

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New recruits make up Ukraine's special-forces units

2014-06-24 | The newly minted soldiers helped the government regain the port city of Mariupol.

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Analysts: Russia might lose from gas dispute with Ukraine

2014-06-23 | Ukraine's government calls upon Russia to stop dictating its rules over gas prices, while looking for alternative ways to break free of Russian gas.

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Experts warn about influx of Russian weapons in eastern Ukraine

2014-06-20 | Despite the government's proposed peace plan for eastern Ukraine and a unilateral ceasefire, the Kremlin-backed rebels continue fighting.

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Analysis: Kremlin yet to show inclination toward peace

2014-06-18 | President Poroshenko's efforts to create peace in eastern Ukraine may succeed if the Kremlin agrees to stop supporting and funding separatists.

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Families from Donbas find refuge in the west

2014-06-17 | People from eastern Ukraine said they don't want to be human shields for separatists.

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Civil activists join efforts to support united Ukraine

2014-06-16 | Ukrainians are supporting their new leadership and the government's anti-terror operation to protect their country's territorial integrity.

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Self-recognised leader in eastern Ukraine serves Kremlin's interests

2014-06-13 | Separatists in Donetsk are headed by a political strategist from Russia who is closely tied to the Kremlin.

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Analyst: Public is confident in Poroshenko's experience

2014-06-12 | The Ukraine president's success in business and government raise hopes for his term.

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NATO to strengthen partnership with Ukraine

2014-06-11 | The Alliance pledges to help Ukraine launch military reforms and develop its defence capacities.

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Some Maidan demonstrators headed home

2014-06-10 | As Poroshenko takes office, some Maidan protesters are dismantling their tents.

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New president sets eyes on EU, Crimea

2014-06-09 | President Petro Poroshenko unveiled several initiatives aimed at bringing Ukraine's estranged eastern provinces back into the fold.

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Ukraine to strengthen border security

2014-06-06 | Ukraine will receive military aid to secure its borders and preserve its territorial integrity.

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Experts say Poroshenko's visit to Donetsk is 'important and necessary'

2014-06-04 | Citizens in Donetsk say the newly elected president's plan to visit the region creates hope for peace.

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Fighting forces many to flee Donetsk

2014-06-03 | Amid on-going violence, citizens in Donetsk urge the government to strengthen its anti-terror operations.

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Ukraine continues national dialogue over constitutional reform

2014-06-02 | The Venice Commission will examine the first draft of amendments to the constitution.

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Journalists risk their lives to report from eastern Ukraine

2014-05-30 | Self-proclaimed authorities punish dozens of journalists for objective coverage of the on-going unrest in eastern Ukraine, advocates say.

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New reforms aim for peace and stability in Ukraine

2014-05-28 | Ukraine's new leadership will work with foreign experts to launch reforms and unite the country.

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Poroshenko's victory sends a message of unification

2014-05-27 | Petro Poroshenko's outright victory in Sunday's presidential elections shows Ukrainians are united for the country's better future, experts and officials say.

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Poroshenko vows to bring peace to Ukraine

2014-05-26 | Exit polls show the candy tycoon winning Sunday's presidential election with about 56 percent of the vote.

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Ukrainians eager for 'historic' election

2014-05-23 | Sunday's vote is considered a historic occasion for the Ukrainian people.

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Russian rules anger citizens in Crimea

2014-05-22 | A new life under Russian rules disappoints many Crimeans, even those who voted for joining Russia, residents and experts say.

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Ukraine opens its national unity dialogue

2014-05-20 | Onlookers say the national unity dialogue roundtable meetings will help peacefully shape a new constitution.

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Ukraine risks further destabilisation if elections are postponed, analysts say

2014-05-19 | Ukraine has to install a legitimately elected leadership in order to avoid further escalation.

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Ukraine officials: Elections will be free and fair

2014-05-16 | Officials in Kiev are focusing their attention on holding a fair and transparent election on May 25th.

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Many residents boycott eastern Ukraine referendum

2014-05-15 | The May 11th referendum in the Donetsk region does not have legal standing, experts and officials say.

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Tatars in Crimea call to stop discrimination

2014-05-14 | Crimean Tatars, supporting a united Ukraine, speak out about ethnic and religious discrimination since Crimea's annexation in March.

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Most Ukrainians say their country is moving in the right direction

2014-05-13 | The number of Ukrainians supporting the new government and the country's Euro-Atlantic integration has almost doubled since the Crimea annexation in March, a...

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Ukraine receives the first tranche of IMF financial aid

2014-05-12 | The International Monetary Fund (IMF) rescue package will keep Ukraine from financial crisis and help to restore the country's economy, officials in Kiev say.

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Poll finds Ukrainians want their country to remain unified

2014-05-09 | With overwhelming support for keeping the country unified, officials and analysts urge voters to participate in May 25th national election.

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Analysts say well-trained Russian army is a threat

2014-05-07 | Looming on Ukraine's border, Russia's army has shown improvement in the last decade, observers say.

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Jews in Donetsk 'pray for united Ukraine'

2014-05-06 | Ukraine's Jewish community supports the country's territorial integrity and its European future, Jews living in Ukraine told SETimes.

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Experts: Sanctions against Russia are a tool to protect Ukraine

2014-05-05 | A new round of sanctions against Russia is designed to protect Ukraine's sovereignty from Kremlin interference.

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Police reform to help Ukraine increase security in eastern regions

2014-05-02 | An EU police mission will help Ukraine initiate police and justice reforms and secure its future stability.

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EU-Russia tension puts Serbia in the middle

2014-04-30 | Deteriorating relations between Russia and the EU put Serbia in a difficult position.

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Ukraine, West urge rebels to free hostages

2014-04-29 | Members of an OSCE observation team are taken prisoner by pro-Kremlin rebels and displayed at a news conference.

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Pro-Kremlin attacks in eastern Ukraine alarm citizens

2014-04-28 | On-going aggression in eastern Ukraine, coupled with the threat of tens of thousands of Russian troops along the border, is frightening for the local populat...

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Kiev opens doors for thousands of displaced people from the east

2014-04-25 | Thousands of people from eastern Ukraine rejected offers of Russian citizenship and are moving to Kiev to find new homes.

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EU's economic assistance crucial for supporting Ukraine's democratic choice

2014-04-22 | EU's economic assistance crucial for supporting Ukraine's democratic choice

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Kiev takes 'concrete steps' following the Geneva agreement

2014-04-21 | Officials in Kiev say they "have to do everything possible" to keep Ukraine united for their children.

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Demonstrators rally in support of a unified Ukraine

2014-04-18 | More than a thousand people rallied in downtown Donetsk on Thursday (April 17th) to protest the Kremlin-backed aggression in eastern Ukraine and support Ukra...

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Officials confident in Ukraine's planned May 25th election

2014-04-17 | Officials in Kiev are looking ahead to presidential elections on May 25th, despite the Kremlin-backed destabilisation and provocation in eastern Ukraine.

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EU, NATO call on Russia to 'stop being part of the problem' in Ukraine

2014-04-16 | After 10 days of on-going occupations and attacks on state institutions and government buildings in eastern Ukraine, an official in Kiev announces an "anti-t...

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Russia to face new sanctions over Ukraine

2014-04-14 | The west warns that Russia could face increased sanctions over its "illegal and illegitimate efforts to destabilise" eastern Ukraine.

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Analysts and officials blame Kremlin for Lugansk standoff

2014-04-10 | While authorities in Kiev continue negotiations with masked gunmen who took over a government building in Lugansk, the West warns the Kremlin to stop being "...

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Experts: Unrest in Ukraine is 'well-planned' Kremlin provocation

2014-04-09 | On-going shootings and attacks on government buildings in eastern Ukraine are part of the Kremlin's federalisation effort to control the whole country, analy...

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Observers concerned about attacks against media in Crimea

2014-04-08 | Media freedom defenders report on-going attacks against journalists and warn of an "information crisis" in Crimea as Russian forces control all media outlets...

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Allies plan military training in Ukraine

2014-04-04 | While NATO suspends ties with Russia, dissuading it from further aggressive behaviour in Ukraine, Kiev is planning to host joint military drills with Europea...

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Experts call for co-operation to overcome trade exchange problems with Ukraine

2014-04-03 | Business owners say imports and exports to Ukraine have slowed, causing problems for Southeast Europe's economy.

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Concerns for Crimean Tatars increase

2014-03-31 | After boycotting the referendum, Crimean Tatars became open targets for the local militia and Russia as well, experts warn.

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EU to take measures against dependency on Russian gas

2014-03-28 | The European Commission will present an energy plan in June.

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Russia's federalisation plan for Ukraine sparks criticism

2014-03-27 | The West supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and calls for united actions against Russian interference.

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Ukraine crisis spurs Balkan countries to co-operate

2014-03-26 | Regional countries sign agreements and plan joint projects to improve security and mutual trust.

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Serbs in Crimea send 'false message,' experts and citizens say

2014-03-24 | A group of extremists who have joined the Russian paramilitary forces in Crimea do not represent the state, experts tell SETimes.

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Bloggers call for a European future for Ukraine

2014-03-21 | Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration is the only way toward a better future, officials and bloggers say.

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Southeast Europe, Turkey criticise Russian moves in Ukraine

2014-03-20 | The annexation of Crimea has many worried about Russian ambition in Eastern Europe.

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Tatars: 'Our hearts ache for our brothers' in Crimea

2014-03-20 | Tatars who support Kiev's pro-European government may face persecution in Crimea, their relatives across the Balkans warn.

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Moldova's pro-European course 'can only lead to a better life'

2014-03-19 | Moldova's effort to maintain a pro-European course is a positive example for Ukraine and other countries in the region that aspire to EU membership, experts ...

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Officials call for press freedom in Crimea

2014-03-18 | TV channel closures and attacks on journalists spark international calls for the protection of media freedom.